Advanced Farm Tours with Master Cho 2018 Hawaii

Perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity of Advanced Farm Tours with Master Cho in Hawaii. Watch the founder of Korean Natural Farming identify and diagnose a variety of plants and issues. By seeing him in action, the nack of his mastery shines.

2 thoughts on “Advanced Farm Tours with Master Cho 2018 Hawaii”

  1. This is great information, I just found your site after Patrick Gentry and Gil Carandang’s unconventional farmer site went down. Luckly I got all the information from that site before it went down and now I discovered yours. This is an amazing style of gardening that I find fun, thought provoking and an endless learning adventure. I look forward to learning as much as possible from you and growing my new business here in Canada.

    Sincerely thankful;
    Kris Hurtubise

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