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PureKNF Natural Farming Solutions Stimulate Indigenous Micro Organisms and Global Forest Health, Beneficial Farm Runoff, Clean Oceans, Healthy Humans and Livestock, all with Edible Solutions Made Affordably at any Scale*

*ultra low cost solutions are not edible

KNF may be the sweetest way to stabilize climate change? 

Water, starch, sea salt, and soil and brew the most ultra low cost microbial climate stabilization solution.

Large and diverse Indigenous Micro Organism populations equals climate stability. PureKNF gives us the principles and recipes to exponentially populate many IMO into any environment to boost the population responsible for the climate stability. Cultivated indigenous microbes relieve the stress on those IMO already working to stabilize the climate and help them absorb the pollutions causing climate change. More IMO population equals a cleaner soil and more climate stability.

Clean Soil, Clean Water, Clean Animals, Pure Food

Indigenous Microbes are responsible for cleaning the water as if flows through the soil  creating the the soils ability to hold air and water and facilitate robust plant life. PureKNF Solutions contain the tools we need to also exponentially increase the Indigenous Microbes ability to transform these pollutions, clean our soils and waters, and return to a stable climate capable of supporting robust healthy life.

PureKNF is a sweet way to vitalize vast ecosystems worldwide. 

PureKNF uses sugar based solutions to ferment and unlock immense natural potential by cultivating indigenous micro organisms. PureKNF solutions promote healthy soil, grow healthy plants, raise healthy animals, and produce food that that supports human health. PureKNF princilpes can be applied to match any scale or any  budget.

Scalable Micro Technology: Microbes Grow Exponentially

The key component to PureKNF results from partnership with Indigenous Micro Organisms which are the life that makes your land fertile and are localized to your climate and soil profiles. knfIMO are important to Global Forest Health as part of the microscopic fungi processing toxins and promoting balance and fertility in soils. PureKNF feed the IMO and promote Forest and Land Health by having farms that produce Beneficial Farm Runoff which also promotes Clean Oceans. As the IMO restore balance to the whole ecosystem we end up with Healthy Humans and Livestock and all this can be done with the Edible Solutions found in PureKNF.

Livestock Solutions: No Smell, No Clean, Indigenous Microbe Production

The core of PureKNF revolves around Integrated Animal Farming as the key to accelerating the composting process and at the same time concentrating IMO into the ecosystem. An animal will eat fermented crop waste feed and turn it into compost in a matter of hours. When this feed leaves the gut of the animal it is now fermented further on a living IMO floor for several months becomes a fungal haven saturated with beneficial microbes.

New to KNF?

KNF sometimes stands for Kuleana Natural Farming. To help you get started please read the Beginners Guide to KNF.

At the most basic foundational level, Korean Natural Farmers promote deep living soils produced by diverse and powerful Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMO).

In more advanced practices, Korean Natural Farmers use edible solutions to complement the natural growth cycle of plants recognizing 3 distinct stages of Vegetative, Blooming and Maturing Growth.

Korean Natural Farmers are also famous for raising pigs and chickens with no smell and no cleaning, and flies are not attracted because beneficial micro organisms outcompete disease.

Check out the Beginners Guide to KNF to get an idea of where to dive in.Beginner Guide to KNF

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