What is Korean Natural Farming?

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) is a modern natural farming practice that merges ancient Eastern sustainability with efficient Western scientific production to result in phenomenal growth in every climate worldwide.

At its core, KNF is a partnership with indigenous soil life and a set of formulas for direct enhancement of plant growth through biostimulants. The aim is to bring fertility through balance and soils rich with life.

KNF practitioners build robust microbial communities resulting in fertile soils, more plant available nutrients, and reenforce natural processes scientifically to complement nature by adjusting and adapting the practices as necessary.

New to KNF? Learn the Basics of Korean Natural Farming

Quick Facts:

Korean Natural Farming has 9 Core solutions from Master Cho

KNF solutions are combined to match and assist nature .

KNF aims to establish rich soil, diverse in indigenous micro organisms.

The Pure KNF Recipes are all edible, but there are many approaches to KNF, such as Jadam, and experienced practitioners will have a hybrid approach that makes the best of all worlds.

KNF has been proven successful at many scales from Planting in HIlo, A School Garden in Hawaii, and has many scientific papers from Universities.

KNF Calculator App

Want to make using KNF simple? This easy app helps you dilute all the KNF Solutions for every scenario. Make KNF simple on your phone or tablet.

Recipe Book

The PureKNF Recipe Book Covers all the vital recipes to practice Korean Natural Farming.

Get started quickly with this compact and invaluable guide!


We offer certification at the world class KNF Farm Training Center in Hawaii. 

Howto Liquid IMO & Brewer

A thorough video guide showing you how-to create, build and use the Vortex Brewer to make great liquid IMO.

Howto PureKNF Livestock

Korean Natural Farmers are also famous for raising pigs and chickens with no smell and no cleaning, and flies are not attracted because beneficial micro organisms outcompete disease.

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About PureKNF Foundation

Our website is a collection of natural farming wisdom from over a decade of practice and study. Our present Organization, Core Work & Strategies were established in 2011.

At the most basic foundational level, Korean Natural Farmers promote deep living soils and feed the soil life natural biostimulants produced by diverse and powerful Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMO).

We live KNF and have Example Gardens of KNF in Downtown Hilo and Kalaniana’ole Elementary School 

KNF Technology is built upon Accredited University Peer Reviewed Documents and a Rich History of Natural Farming

Purchases here directly support our work to bring PureKNF to a worldwide way of life.

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KNF Micro News Updates

Early Korean Natural Farming

Master Cho Han-Kyu is largely the latest person to bring fame to fermentation, enzymes and indigenous micro organisms through his collection of recipes gathered and practiced and taught throughout his life. 

Learn more about the early recipes and translations of Korean Natural Farming