KNF Level 1 Certification Course

KNF Level 1 Certification Course. Taught at Hawaiian Sanctuary July 2017

This course series follow the KNF Level 1 Certification Criteria for Exposure to Korean Natural Farming as promulgated by Master Han-Kyu Cho.

5 thoughts on “KNF Level 1 Certification Course”

  1. Hey Drake,
    In one of your videos you talked about buying the ingredients from your store there in Hawaii. I can’t find where it is?


    1. I will be offering another course this summer at Hawaiian Sanctuary in Pahoa Hawaii. It will run for 6 weeks with the course being every Thursday morning at 9am. It will be part of the Plant Aloha series.

  2. Hello drake, how are you?
    Do you know the schedule for classes for the second semester of and the first semester of 2019?
    And would you tell me if its possible to organize and bring the crew to male a workshop here in Brazil?
    Thank you

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