KNF for Human Health

Korean Natural Farming uses all edible ingredients to get optimal human health in the soil. We also use KNF to help our plants grow to full potential. This lecture goes into how the KNF Solutions can be used to enhance human health by boosting the immune system.

IMO Baths for Human Health

IMO Baths use the heat of indigenos micro organisms to generate unique IR band heat that penetrates deep into the body to heal. The heat can get the body to a much higher temperature than by steam or sauna. This dry heat that will not burn you is caused by micro organisms making love.

As a person lay buried in the pile of active microbes the body is warmed, and the pores open and sweat begins to emerge. The micro organisms swim in this sweat and freely enter the body to create an armor within the skin. This extra layer of microbes is like putting on an immune system coat, the microbes will live symbiotically with you and protect you from malicious invasion.

Nutrient Dense Foods for Human Health

The food we put in our body is one of the most important factors of health. Just like the fuel you put in a machine will determine its performance, the food we eat will determine our abilities to function at full capacity.

Thinking about what you eat eats. That second layer of not just is this an apple, but what is in the apple.

HanKyu Cho’s Theory of Plant Nutrition

Plants grow according to a natural cycle and that is what Korean Natural Farming seeks to understand and complement. As natural farmers we can apply nutrients when the plant is ready for it, and this will help the plant pack extra nutrients into it’s body.

Indigenous Micro Organisms in the soil as well seek out natural minerals and nutrients in exchange for sugars from the plant. The plant turns a lot of the sunlight energy it collects into sugars specifically to feed the soil micro organisms to barter for nutrients. By altering the sugars different colonies of microbes flourish and will solubilize and concentrate different nutrients. This way the plant can select what nutrient it would like delivered from the soil. By changing the biology, the pH changes and different nutrients are solubilized and made plant available right in the root zone.

Bacteria also colonize in the root zone where then nematodes and protozoa can come to feed and release the nitrogen rich excrement right where the plant can absorb it.


No-smell, no clean pigs – May 2015

No smell, no flies, no cleaning, no problems pig pens, a.k.a. Inoculated Deep Litter Systems, were the topic of the May 2015 Natural Farming Hawai’i meeting and potluck. For over 5 years over a dozen operations have proven why this is the NRCS best practice for swine waste management plans, because there’s nothing to clean up! All the waste is digested right on the living floor reducing labor and eliminating the need for water.

Check out the slides from the presentation for your further review.

Science: Natural Farming & Indigenous Solutions

This lesson was presented as in “Intro to Natural Farming” to an audience of experienced petroleum based farmers. It is an overview of the solutions natural farmers use as tools to assist plant and microbial growth. The later part the talk briefly goes into soil biology theory highlighting how crops we are typically trying to grow prefer fungal dominant soils, and reasons for using natural farming to build depth and soil diversity.

Natural Farming Hawai’i is well known for its scientific approach to increasing soil fertility and plant health. We use microscopic analysis to back up and validate all living soil solutions. Our all edible solutions are based on the most cutting edge biological research in soil science. Anybody with access to a 400x powered microscope may validate our theory themselves, and we encourage you to do so.

The following slides and video are an overview of the system presented for an experienced audience. Each solution is detailed in other videos. Aloha!


Electron Microscope IMO, Fermented Animal Feed, Vinegar – Feb2015 Potluck

Download the PDF of the Vinegar Presentation Slides