Odorless Pig Technology

Raise pigs with no smell and no cleaning, year after year with Natural Farming.

Imagine thousands of pigs, no smell, no flies, no cleaning, no antibiotics, no vaccines, no problems! KNF Solutions enable farmers to raise pigs with less labor and in stress free environments.

KNF Odorless Pig Technology is a miracle based on science. KNF stands for Korean Natural Farming and uses the power of indigenous micro organisms and other KNF Solutions to eliminate the need to dispose of manure or waste water.

The key to maintaining a no smell naturally clean system is an Inoculated Deep Litter System (IDLS) that actively composts manure and safely processes toxins right under the pigs feet. The living floor keeps the pigs clean and healthy with no need to remove or worry about their manure. Pigs will naturally turn the flooring doing all the work for you.

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800 Pigs in Korea

Deep Litter Floor Plans

80 Pig Building Plans

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Benefits of KNF Pig Technology

KNF Pig Technology keeps your pigs in comfort within an enclosed structure. The floor is made of soft material that pigs love to dig, play and live on. The KNF System is perfect in urban, suburban and rural settings enabling pigs to be raised in more places than ever before!

KNF Deep Litter System

Clean and Dry 

Okay in Urban cities

Pigs are cool just chillin

Premium diet provided by farmer

Fine in all seasons including winter

Pasture Raised

Wet and Muddy

Must be away from populated areas

Have to be moved

Eats whatever

Pigs freeze in winter

More No Smell Pigs on YouTube

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