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Natural Farming Hawai’i is a scientific approach to rich soil fertility. We use naturally powerful Indigenous Micro Organisms to build rich soil foundation. We spray 8 all edible solutions for optimal plant growth. We also raise livestock with no odor and no cleaning.

The Indigenous Micro Organisms are based on growing rich fungus that we gather from the forest. We then inoculate and feed IMO in our fields to create deep and rich living soil. One of the main things our soil needs is carbon and we can add that in the form of green manures which naturally culture beneficial microbes.

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The 8 solutions work to enhance micro organism growth as well as directly feeding the plant. The maintenance spray is medicine (ohn), catalyst (vinegar), food (fpj), then to grow leaf we add lactic acid (lab) and fuel (faa), to grow flowers, roots and structure, we alternate with bones (wcp) and when fruiting we add calcium (wca). Each mix is sprayed every 7-11 days.

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No smell pigs is what makes natural farming famous. We use a 4 foot Inoculated Deep Litter System consisting of a plastic liner, 6 inches of charcoal, 2 feed of logs,  2 feet of green waste. A building with at least 6 feet of clearance over the floor and good air flow through the sides helps. The pig is standing on a simulated forest floor with beneficial microbes immediately colonizing any manure before smelly pathogens have a chance. Flies are not present because the IMO eats all the waste before it grows pathogens.

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I learned from Master Cho, this is him consulting in Hawai’i on a typical papaya farm in 2013.

This is Master Cho’s learning center that we visited in 2009

We use the microscope to verify the results of ancient solutions.

This is some old footage from the Korean Cho Global Natural Farming tour in 2009.