KNF for Human Health

Korean Natural Farming uses all edible ingredients to get optimal human health in the soil. We also use KNF to help our plants grow to full potential. This lecture goes into how the KNF Solutions can be used to enhance human health by boosting the immune system.

IMO Baths for Human Health

IMO Baths use the heat of indigenos micro organisms to generate unique IR band heat that penetrates deep into the body to heal. The heat can get the body to a much higher temperature than by steam or sauna. This dry heat that will not burn you is caused by micro organisms making love.

As a person lay buried in the pile of active microbes the body is warmed, and the pores open and sweat begins to emerge. The micro organisms swim in this sweat and freely enter the body to create an armor within the skin. This extra layer of microbes is like putting on an immune system coat, the microbes will live symbiotically with you and protect you from malicious invasion.

Nutrient Dense Foods for Human Health

The food we put in our body is one of the most important factors of health. Just like the fuel you put in a machine will determine its performance, the food we eat will determine our abilities to function at full capacity.

Thinking about what you eat eats. That second layer of not just is this an apple, but what is in the apple.

HanKyu Cho’s Theory of Plant Nutrition

Plants grow according to a natural cycle and that is what Korean Natural Farming seeks to understand and complement. As natural farmers we can apply nutrients when the plant is ready for it, and this will help the plant pack extra nutrients into it’s body.

Indigenous Micro Organisms in the soil as well seek out natural minerals and nutrients in exchange for sugars from the plant. The plant turns a lot of the sunlight energy it collects into sugars specifically to feed the soil micro organisms to barter for nutrients. By altering the sugars different colonies of microbes flourish and will solubilize and concentrate different nutrients. This way the plant can select what nutrient it would like delivered from the soil. By changing the biology, the pH changes and different nutrients are solubilized and made plant available right in the root zone.

Bacteria also colonize in the root zone where then nematodes and protozoa can come to feed and release the nitrogen rich excrement right where the plant can absorb it.


Beginners Guide to KNF

Download the KNF Solution Application Quick Guide

Wow. Where to begin learning KNF?

As a person fresh to KNF the language, foreign principles and the minutia of details may seem incredible when first starting. This guide will give you a cornerstone to begin your life changing journey into KNF.

The way chosen to present this Beginners Guide is to use words we are all familiar with. The names are chosen to describe Korean Natural Farming with concepts and language we are regionally familiar with in America. The goal is to make it easy to get started, apply the solutions, and grow nutrient dense produce with KNF now.

Korean Natural Farming

KNF stands for Korean Natural Farming. A farming method that deals primarily with Indigenous Micro Organisms, the living creatures in the soil that range in diversity and function. To maintain modern food productivity plants and soil life are periodically fed KNF Solutions made from plant, animal and mineral extracts diluted with water according to specific formulas to grow naturally nutrient dense produce. KNF is also famous for no-smell smell, no-cleaning pigs and chickens.

KNF Starts with Soil Life

We call the indigenous micro organisms: KNF Microbes and there are various recipes to collect them from the surrounding habitat. There is also a procedure for applying the KNF Microbes to the field.

A second type of microbe is used in KNF called KNF Police. This microbe keeps the whole galaxy in order and can rectify any chaos that arrises to a certain degree. Beware, applying inappropriate amounts of the KNF Police can be expensive.

Rich Soil is Well Fed Soil

The whole microbial economy is based on food. Want a rich productive soil? Ensure there is enough of the right kind of food at the right time and the microbes will repay you handsomely. They are working on your behalf!

The main food for the soil and plants is KNF Food made from plant material. The tips of plants make good growth hormone oriented food, flowers make good bloom phase food, and fruits make good fruiting phase food. KNF Food is preserved in sugar, another food, and soil microbes love it because it mimics natural plant exudates.

More than just food, the soil also need a host of other things to live. So KNF has more tools including KNF Medicine, KNF Cleanser, KNF Fuel, KNF Bloom, KNF Fruit and KNF Minerals. These including KNF Microbes, KNF Police and KNF Food make up the 9 core solutions of KNF.

There is much more detailed information on how to make all the KNF Solutions available, more than can fit in this beginners guide!

Reach Full Potential Using KNF

Applying the KNF Solutions is easy, and you don’t have to wait for everything to be on hand. Using even a partial formula will get you noticeable results. All formulas can be applied to the soil as a drench at 100 gal/acre or a light mist into foliage at 25 gal/acre.

The 6 KNF Formulas are Soil, Seed, Juvenile, Puberty, Maturing and Ripening, which all correspond to obvious growth stages in every plant or animals life. By applying the right formula at the right time you will help your plant reach full potential with the assistance of the microbes.

The KNF Solutions App for your mobile phone makes the calculations simple, easy, and accurate. It’s purchase directly supports this website.

Most crops will respond well to weekly applications of foliar sprays. KNF Formulas can be added to irrigation for daily application. Orchards and tree crops respond well to 2-4 treatments a year, especially right before flowering and after fruiting.

Growth in All Aspects of Life

At it’s heart KNF is based around a moral code and philosophy of love. The solutions are often made, formulated, and applied with great care. The belief is that if the soil is healthy, the plants are healthy, the animals are healthy, then we humans are healthy. There is a great reverence and understanding nature and the origins of life that has led to this system and it’s integrity is shared amongst all practitioners.

Netflix Documentary on KNF

A Wealth of Information

Here are some good places to start looking into KNF more:

KNF Solution Recipes

KNF Plant Application Guide

KNF Microbes & Soil Application Guide

Full KNF Level 1 Certification Course – This complete course encapsulates KNF as one complete unit in theory and practice.


Blessings on the KNF Journey

There is much more information out there. Today, certification systems offer  validation of practices in KNF. We encourage you to make your own practices visible, and that when you find success, you share it in a manner that keeps the tradition alive. Get support from wizards as you become one yourself.

I hope this beginners guide helps you on your KNF journey.

Long live the natural farmer!

KNF Advanced Swine Training

No smell pigs are hot topics right now. Imagine raising hogs with no cleaning, no smell, no flies, no vaccines and no antibiotics! I went to Korea in 2017 to attend KNF Advanced Swine Training for 5 days in Gokseong County to learn the secrets of this biological technology.

This course has a lot of classroom sessions to understand the Korean Natural Farming philosophy, principles and solutions for raising hogs. To spread this vital information to the world I videoed the entire trip and publishing it here to remain open source.

The last of the videos in this playlist contain the information about the pig nutritional cycle. Cho talks about how and when to feed sows to support them for optimal natural growth. If you want your sows to have many pigs and be able to provide nutritious milk, check these out for sure.

Master Cho Advanced KNF Lecture Series

Master Han-Kyu CHO, founder of korean natural farming, visited Hawai’i in March of 2018 to deliver his teachings. He goes over advanced techniques for cultivating IMO (indigenous micro organisms) as well as other key recipes like OHN (medicine), FPJ (food), etc.

Advanced Farm Tours with Master Cho 2018 Hawaii

Perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity of Advanced Farm Tours with Master Cho in Hawaii. Watch the founder of Korean Natural Farming identify and diagnose a variety of plants and issues. By seeing him in action, the nack of his mastery shines.