CGNF Certified Instructors

master cho2011 Cho Global Advanced Certification in Kohala

The following people completed an Cho Global Natural Farming Advanced Certification Course and are Certified in Korean Natural Farming by Master Cho. All of the individuals listed below have Master Cho’s blessing to teach the basic course and issue a Certificate of Completion from CGNF-Hawaii to the student with perfect attendance.

Basic Course Curriculum: IMO, LAB, BRV, OHN, FPJ, FAA, WCA, WCP, SEA: demonstration, hands-on making, tasting and use of in plants. Livestock: design, feed. Land management: no-til, weed control, natural fertility through biological diversity, rich living soil, hybrid techniques, practical at all scales.

Master Cho’s CGNF slides used during the training and given to teach the basic curriculum.

 dan rudoy


 mike hubbel


 gary castle

 ginger john

 donna johnson

 lew whitney


 vincent mina

 david ikeda

 leslie hall

 diga kern

 kim martin

 mike duponte

 jackie prell


 donna willoughby







 dave mikami



 richard perea

 joe mcginn


 dave vogel


 eric weinert




 matt peters

 sherry miller

 ray maki

 rick kobayashi