Creating a Healthier Soil Environment

10498647_10202374597951953_2066752715033437539_oI gave a talk on applying Natural Farming methods to macnut orchard crops in Hawai’i at the 47th annual Hawai’i Mac Nut Association meeting.

Creating a Healthier Soil Environment – HMNA NF Hawai’i PDF of presentation slides

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Hilo Hamakua Food Security Discussion

HHCDC Ad2The Hilo Hamakua Community Development Corporation hosted a 3 session symposia with esteemed agricultural leaders of Hawai’i island to discuss food security. I attended all the evenings and was able to audio record the speakers.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

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Fungus on BioChar under 400x Microscope (Video)

Beneficial fungus grown on biochar brewed in compost tea seeded with IMO#4

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Soil Science Bacteria : Fungus Ratio Guide

scienceposterA fun chart to show how plants are related to the biological ratios.

For instance, if I go into a thriving forest, a natural grove of trees, there will be 800 parts fungus to 500 parts bacteria by biomass present. So when I go to plant a grove of fruit trees, I want to match the forest soil biology for the roots to be comfortable. If I grow grass beneath my trees, the biology will be around 10 parts bacteria and zero parts fungus, this is not compatible! Stress is a natural result.

The remedy offered by CHO IMO#4 is concentrated fungal spores to jumpstart your field fungal ratio, go from zero to 800 in 4 weeks! Your plants will be more comfortable and visibly healthy in a soil environment that matches their native habitat.

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Island Harvest Farm Tour (Video)

I checked out Chris Trump‘s data gathering operation on 500 acres of macnuts in Kohala on the Big Island of Hawai’i for my tv show farmLife.

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Fish Amino Acid

At the May 2014 Monthly Meeting we went over the Fish Amino Acid recipe


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Natural Farming on Oahu May 2014


See the slides from the talk

if you listen to the talk, please pay

Hear the talk here Part 1 and Part 2

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Fermented Animal Feed

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GrowBot Bioremediation

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Dr. Jonathan Deenik on Soils of Hamakua (Audio and Slides)

Big Love to Practical Agriculture for Hamakua assembling such an all star cast of knowledgeable agriculturists to share their information to the public. Here is Dr. Jonathan Deenik talking about the soils of Hamakua. Really fun lecture, such an enthusiastic presentation of a crucial subject beneath our feet. Probably applicable to anybody on volcanic soils, but especially those on the windward sides.

Download the PDF of the presentation slides

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