Plant Nutritive Cycle – Jan2015 Meeting

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Natural Farmers met on January 13th 2015 in Hilo.

1. Announcements, Questions & Testimonials (Audio)

2. Natural Farming 2014 Progress Report (Audio, Slides)

3. Plant Nutritive Solution (Audio, Slides)

Whole Meeting Audio Recording

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Soil Foundation – Dec 2014 Meeting

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The presentation focused on Soil Treatment Solution and building a living Soil Foundation with Natural Farming.

Whole Meeting (Audio Recording, Slides)

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Hilo Hamakua Food Security Discussion

HHCDC Ad2The Hilo Hamakua Community Development Corporation hosted a 3 session symposia with esteemed agricultural leaders of Hawai’i island to discuss food security. I attended all the evenings and was able to audio record the speakers.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

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Fungus on BioChar under 400x Microscope (Video)

Beneficial fungus grown on biochar brewed in compost tea seeded with IMO#4

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Soil Science Bacteria : Fungus Ratio Guide

scienceposterA fun chart to show how plants are related to the biological ratios.

For instance, if I go into a thriving forest, a natural grove of trees, there will be 800 parts fungus to 500 parts bacteria by biomass present. So when I go to plant a grove of fruit trees, I want to match the forest soil biology for the roots to be comfortable. If I grow grass beneath my trees, the biology will be around 10 parts bacteria and zero parts fungus, this is not compatible! Stress is a natural result.

The remedy offered by CHO IMO#4 is concentrated fungal spores to jumpstart your field fungal ratio, go from zero to 800 in 4 weeks! Your plants will be more comfortable and visibly healthy in a soil environment that matches their native habitat.

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Creating a Healthier Soil Environment

10498647_10202374597951953_2066752715033437539_oI gave a talk on applying Natural Farming methods to macnut orchard crops in Hawai’i at the 47th annual Hawai’i Mac Nut Association meeting.

Creating a Healthier Soil Environment – HMNA NF Hawai’i PDF of presentation slides

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Commercially Natural Farming Macnuts on the Big Island (Video)

I checked out Chris Trump‘s data gathering operation on 500 acres of macnuts in Kohala on the Big Island of Hawai’i for my tv show farmLife.

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Fish Amino Acid

At the May 2014 Monthly Meeting we went over the Fish Amino Acid recipe


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Natural Farming on Oahu May 2014


See the slides from the talk

if you listen to the talk, please pay

Hear the talk here Part 1 and Part 2

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Fermented Animal Feed

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