Master Cho Visits the Big Island Jan 2016

IMG_7734 Natural Farming Master Han-Kyu Cho, Founder of Korean Natural Farming Institute in 1965 visited the Big Island Delegates of CGNF-Hawai’i for farm tours and Advances in Natural Farming Seminar from January 11th to 17th 2016.

IMG_7765Mr Oh, from the Organization of Standards International (ISO) chief certification officer visiting Ginger John’s farm in Onomea

IMG_7739Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMO) are key to the Natural Farming Solutions. Growing in harmony with nature and ensuring a biodiverse, well-fed soil populated with the most beneficial organisms tending to your plants well-being ensures optimal human and environmental health.

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Marigold Trial Microscopic Soil Analysis

I helped a neighbor validate her above ground results correlating them to underground biological conditions. She was testing a control of sterilized potting soil with commercial and home made IMO inoculants and also the effectiveness of biochar in stimulating biological growth.

The above ground growth perfectly correlated with the soil biology. More growth = more biology.

We noticed the sample with biochar and IMO had the presence of amoebas, which help to eat the bacteria and make nutrients available in a plant available form. Also, the samples with char had active biology, where all the other samples all of the biology was inactive.

Great to know that the microscope backs up what we intuitively know. Better growth = better biology.

Scientific Understanding of Indigenous Micro Organisms

Our October 2015 Natural Farming Hawai’i meeting featured James Rushing presenting his University of Hawai’i thesis project on the study of something similar to IMO#4. The results show that to get a full benefit, connecting to the soil and properly using the recommended Soil Treatment Solution may go further to boosting your plant’s performance in trials.

I added my mana’o on how to properly activate your IMO with a simple solution.