Practical Ag for Hamakua Presentation

An introduction to Natural Farming for 2012. I’ve learned a lot in the 3 years I have been teaching about microbes, and I hope this lecture reflects the refinement of truly understanding the biology and starting with the soil foundation as the key to plant fertility and robust growth. As always, this is more of an overview of what’s really going on, and if you are just looking for the recipes, go get a CHO book or apprentice with an experienced and qualified natural farmer. May the beneficial microbes be with you!

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Follow along with the PDF slides of the presentation

March 2012 Meeting Minutes (Audio)

36 natural farmers met March 13th 2012 at the Aupuni Center in Hilo Hawai’i.

On the Agenda:

  • Yurek Chodak talking about his experience and results of using natural farming soil foundation on his orchard in Peepeeke’o.
  • Kaika of Dragon Eye Farms reporting on her natural farming chicken operation using Master Cho’s poultry system in Kapoho.
  • Drake on making Fermented Plant Juice

Download and listen to the audio recording of the meeting as an MP3 file

Healthy ‘Ulu Trees Begin with Soil

I was honored to talk at this years ‘Ulu Festival at Kua o ka La public charter school in Puna on March 3rd 2012. A quick 45 minute presentation of natural farming and how to apply it to your ‘ulu production with some inspiring pictures of my ‘ulu escapades.

I have been open sourcing my talks and presentations, so if you want to see and hear it again, or check it out for the first time, please do so.

Puna ‘Ulu Festival Audio Recording MP3

2012 ‘Ulu Fest Slides PDF

Malama ‘ai pono o ka ‘ulu!!!

Drake on Natural Farming Soil Foundation

I gave an hour and three quarters long talk on building soil foundation at the February 2012 natural farming monthly meeting. This is an introductory lesson on how to build a living soil using natural farming inputs.

Soil Foundation Presentation Slides pdf

Soil Foundation Audio Recording part 1 mp3

Soil Foundation Audio Recording part 2 mp3

Kalei Nu’uhiwa on Mahina or the Hawaiian Moon Calendar (Audio)

January’s Natural Farming meeting featured local expert Kalei Nu’uhiwa talking on the subject of the timing of nature based on the cycle of the moon. She says that when you begin to notice the natural swing of things, life gets a whole lot richer.

A great beginner guide to planning your garden in sync with the phases of the moon.

Kalei Nu’uhiwa hour long presentation on Mahina (8.3mb mp3 file)

Dr. Elaine Ingham speaking on Microbial Balance and Healthy Soils (Audio)

Dr. Elaine Ingham is a world renowned researcher advocating healthy soil as a function of biology and living soil as the key to fertility. Dr. Ingham gave a four hour presentation on her vacation to Hawai’i to the Natural Farming group to share the science of the soil discovered by the Rodale Institute. This treasure of information adds a tasty perspective to Master Cho’s divine implementation and strategic use of microorganisms.

Living soil = Health

Thanks Khadiga for encouraging Elaine to share.

First part of the talk:

Second part of the talk:

GRuB in Olympia Washington (Audio)

Justin from Olympia Washington presents his involvement in GRuB: a non-profit garden initiative, to the Natural Farming Hawai’i monthly meeting.This 10 minute presentation covers the mission and purpose of the group and their involvement of encouraging kids to grow in the garden.

Download the presentation

Gil Carandang Tropical Natural Farming Seminar in Hawai’i (Audio)

2 Day workshop by Tropical Natural Farming expert Gil Carandang given November 2009 to early adopters of Natural Farming methods in Hawai’i. This presentation was financially sponsored by local farmers without requiring governmental or taxpayer grants. This is the true roots of Natural Farming and continues to provide great benefit to the community.

Perfect to listen to with a portable player in the garden. Let the land reinforce the words. We have twelve hours of audio broken into hour long chunks.

Download the whole audio of the seminar in mp3 format.