Gil Carandang Tropical Natural Farming Seminar in Hawai’i (Audio)

2 Day workshop by Tropical Natural Farming expert Gil Carandang given November 2009 to early adopters of Natural Farming methods in Hawai’i. This presentation was financially sponsored by local farmers without requiring governmental or taxpayer grants. This is the true roots of Natural Farming and continues to provide great benefit to the community.

Perfect to listen to with a portable player in the garden. Let the land reinforce the words. We have twelve hours of audio broken into hour long chunks.

Download the whole audio of the seminar in mp3 format.

IMO4 with 100% local ingredients (Photos, Recipe)

Josiah Hunt reports:

IMO4 with 100% local ingredients
IMO4 with 100% local ingredients
IMO4 with 100% local ingredients

The recipe: Fish meal, wood chips, biochar, dirt.

fish meal was added to the wood chips with inoculant.  inoculated wood chips were then blended with dirt, biochar (about 10%) and more fish meal.

Josiah Hunt on BioChar (Video)

Natural Farming Hawaii Presents Josiah Hunt on BioChar from Drake on Vimeo.

Josiah Presents his experience in BioChar Amendment Production at Natural Farming Hawai’i’s monthly meeting in Hilo. A garden tour begins at 9:50 featuring the Master Gardeners plot at the Komohana Ag Research Center where they ran a BioChar soil experiment. See the results for yourself and get stoked to bury BioChar.