Soil Science Bacteria : Fungus Ratio Guide

scienceposterA fun chart to show how plants are related to the biological ratios.

For instance, if I go into a thriving forest, a natural grove of trees, there will be 800 parts fungus to 500 parts bacteria by biomass present. So when I go to plant a grove of fruit trees, I want to match the forest soil biology for the roots to be comfortable. If I grow grass beneath my trees, the biology will be around 10 parts bacteria and zero parts fungus, this is not compatible! Stress is a natural result.

The remedy offered by CHO IMO#4 is concentrated fungal spores to jumpstart your field fungal ratio, go from zero to 800 in 4 weeks! Your plants will be more comfortable and visibly healthy in a soil environment that matches their native habitat.

Grow Hilo and Celebrating Drake’s Birthday Planting

Planting Kalo between some other beautiful landscaping

We got together on July 31st at 6am to put some food in the ground. What a better way to celebrate my birthday than by creating a community seed source for the Hilo area. With all the political and financial pressure in the world, we understand that edible landscaping can create a beautiful source of security and serenity.

A magic rainbow appeared to bless our work
Spreading IMO on Kamehameha Avenue
Aunty Shirley getting some grass action

We planted over 30 Kalo, 15 U’ala, several dasheen and a whole lot of other edible goodness.

Beth puts on her planting peace paint
All these wonderful people and more came out to help plant on my birthday. Mahalo natural farming!

Thanks everyone who came out. Friend me on facebook if you want to know about these events ahead of time.

Chicken Feed Workshop at Kaiao (Recipe, Photos, Video)

On Saturday January 15th 2011, Kim Chang presented Chicken Feed Workshop at Kaiao Community Garden in Hilo. Kim has been feeding 42 egg laying hens for the past year incorporating the tactics of Master Cho’s Natural Farming learned from the master in Korea here in Hawai’i.

The basic feed recipe is

  • 30% fresh greens
  • 30% any fruits, sweet potato, left over food, imo4
  • 30% store feed
  • 10% fermented feces of the floor

Kim’s spending about $60 a month right now on the store feed. Perhaps it can be eliminated by replacing it with a local grown feedstock, like amaranth? Please experiment, Kim says. She feeds her chickens many weeds and hopes to gradually reduce the amount of imported feed while sustaining egg production of about 70%. See the video for the whole presentation.

Webcam of Garden Project in Hilo

Freshly installed webcam
Kamana in December 2010

I’ve began farming at Kamana Gardens in October 2010. 10/10 you might say. Chester, the owner of the property, and I installed a webcam in December to visually document the process. The camera uploads one picture a minute from 5am until 7pm every day. I wrote some software to turn the pictures into time lapse videos.

Check out the live feed here


Rendered 3 years of images all taken at the same time of day into 30 frames per second. Enjoy!