How to Cultivate Indigenous Microorganisms (Recipe)

I just came across this excellent publication by CTAHR

Step by step IMO preparation with photos published by the University of Hawai’i. This is the ‘mercedes benz’ of Indigenous Micro Organism preparation. Follow this recipe to achieve superior results in any environment.

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  1. Drake
    I have had this recipe for awhile and followed it in making IMO several times. Then I went to a seminar led by Dr. Hoon Park and found that the method for mixing was incorrect. Dr. Park mixed the IMO 2 with mill run in a totally different way, using only a handful of IMO 2 in a 5 gal bucket of water (from catchment or left out 4 hrs or more) mixed with OHN FPJ BRV and sea water. I was using the whole mixture of IMO 2 with the mill run which was VERY dry. These instructions from CTAHR need to be amended so others don’t misunderstand this important step. Pat Chung

  2. Drake,

    Thanks for posting the link to the publication.

    Is this recipe for what’s called IMO4? Josiah Hunt in the video on local natural farming inputs refers to the inputs he made as somewhere between IMO4 and IMO5, one of the constituents being IMO2. I’m confused about the differences. Is there some publication that explains it all? Thanks.

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