Hilo Hamakua Food Security Discussion

HHCDC Ad2The Hilo Hamakua Community Development Corporation hosted a 3 session symposia with esteemed agricultural leaders of Hawai’i island to discuss food security. I attended all the evenings and was able to audio record the speakers.

Session 1

* volunteer needed to segment files by speaker

Session 2

Session 3

Inoculate and Occupy Hilo with Kalo

Applying the CHO soil preparation solution to Downtown Hilo as part of the Grow Hilo project. A few new friends joined in on the action and spontaneously started multiplying microbes with us. Setting the soil foundation is crucial for the plants to grow a vigorous root system in the first few days of life. Watch and see how it’s done.

Natural Farming in Downtown Hilo

Natural Farming Hawai’i has an extraordinary opportunity to work with the Hilo Downtown Improvement Association to beautify Hilo with edible food plantings!

We are starting with a planting between Mamo, Kilauea and Keawe Streets.

We broke ground on the Summer Solstice making four mounds to plant Kalo and two pits to plant sweet potato. Our goal is to plant traditional Hawai’ian canoe crops that have been proven as staple food sources all around downtown Hilo.

Josiah Hunt graciously donated enough BioChar and CharFish to do our entire garden right. The BioChar gives the IMO a place to live and acts as a soil stabilizer.

This is an ongoing project, contact drake@localgarden.us if you would like to get involved. Stay tuned for more.