2015 Natural Farming Symposium: Day 1

11952719_10156010201360010_6241160174763553853_oHawai’i Farmers Union United – East Hawai’i Chapter organized the 2015 Natural Farming Symposium in Hilo, October 1st-3rd.

Download the PDF of the First Annual Natural Farming Symposium – Program Booklet. This document shows the schedule of speakers and panels that took place during the symposium.

The first day opened up with Vince Mina introducing us to his farm’s method of producing worm vermicompost, various natural farming inputs and inoculated ‘functionalized’ char covered in mycelium as seen under a microscope! A really good immediate introduction to natural farming and regenerative soil practices lived and used on a daily basis. Simple tools make natural farming a practical solution for a growing world.

Local business leader Derek Karisu had some fine words to share in his encounters marketing natural farming products. He has carried IMOlizer in his stores for over 5 years and has had several thousand satisfied customers.

We then went out into the courtyard to hear and see the experts of Natural Farming. Ginger John, Dr. Park and Jackie Prell all shared how they live natural farming every moment of their lives and the recipes they use to keep a steady supply of beneficial microbes to improve human and soil health.

Richard Parea has been practicing natural farming because it is practical and effective. He has successully adapted many methods of Gil Carandang into his mostly spray to invigorate plant growth approach to natural farming. Liquids are a great way to get started and fermented plant juice is an essential drink to restore the human micro biome!

Dr. Park has significantly improved his digestion by a daily addition of 1 oz of Lactic Acid Bacteria, and can now have a regular life with only 20% of a stomach. Hear and see his miraculous story while he explains how to make LAB at home.

Drake formulated all the solutions presented throughout the day into an easy to follow and use practical guide for all levels of natural farmer. Starting with the classic formulas learned in Korea, simplified down to a maintenance solution as the common denominator, as one easy way to take care of plants and your microbial environment. The remaining part of the talk is devoted to a primer on biology from a natural farmers perspective. What do we want to see in the soil on a microscopic level? How can I identify beneficial fungus are indicators of vibrant and diverse soil conditions? Find out why natural farmers are bringing the soils back to life and eating better because of it.

Download the PDF of the presentation notes