2015 Natural Farming Symposium: Day 2

11952719_10156010201360010_6241160174763553853_oHawai’i Farmers Union United – East Hawai’i Chapter organized the 2015 Natural Farming Symposium in Hilo, October 1st-3rd.

Download the PDF of the First Annual Natural Farming Symposium – Program Booklet. This document shows the schedule of speakers and panels that took place during the symposium.

The second day opened up with Vince Mina introducing us to his farm’s method of producing natural farming inputs. A flat spade is invaluable to his operation. Simple tools make natural farming a practical solution for a growing world.

Majority of the Second day was panels. I recorded them audibly and will update this post with them here as the become available.

The day finished up with visible evidence of natural farming improving ‘soil tilth’. This can be measured in many ways, and Dr. Kun Hui Wei uses a variety of methods to quantify the results such as biological nematode populations, soil penetrometer tests, records of harvests and salable yields, and shows the results of several test comparisons of conventional, organic and natural farming in Hawai’i.


Natural Farming Solutions

August 2015 Natural Farming Hawai’i Meeting in Hilo. Natural Farming Solutions was the topic discussed and the Maintenance solution recipe was given as 1 part OHN, 2 parts FPJ and 2 parts Vinegar (Banana preferred) combined, then diluted 20mL per gallon of water and sprayed every 7-11 days on plants optimally around sunset or used as a drench to clean up pollutants by revitalizing beneficial soil micro biology.




Plant Nutritive Cycle – Jan2015 Meeting

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Natural Farmers met on January 13th 2015 in Hilo.

1. Announcements, Questions & Testimonials (Audio)

2. Natural Farming 2014 Progress Report (Audio, Slides)

3. Plant Nutritive Solution (Audio, Slides)

nutritive cycleWhole Meeting Audio Recording