Natural Farming Solutions

August 2015 Natural Farming Hawai’i Meeting in Hilo. Natural Farming Solutions was the topic discussed and the Maintenance solution recipe was given as 1 part OHN, 2 parts FPJ and 2 parts Vinegar (Banana preferred) combined, then diluted 20mL per gallon of water and sprayed every 7-11 days on plants optimally around sunset or used as a drench to clean up pollutants by┬árevitalizing beneficial soil micro biology.




Plant Nutritive Cycle – Jan2015 Meeting

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Natural Farmers met on January 13th 2015 in Hilo.

1. Announcements, Questions & Testimonials (Audio)

2. Natural Farming 2014 Progress Report (Audio, Slides)

3. Plant Nutritive Solution (Audio, Slides)

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