Webcam of Garden Project in Hilo

Freshly installed webcam
Kamana in December 2010

I’ve began farming at Kamana Gardens in October 2010. 10/10 you might say. Chester, the owner of the property, and I installed a webcam in December to visually document the process. The camera uploads one picture a minute from 5am until 7pm every day. I wrote some software to turn the pictures into time lapse videos.

Check out the live feed here


Rendered 3 years of images all taken at the same time of day into 30 frames per second. Enjoy!

One thought on “Webcam of Garden Project in Hilo”

  1. I wanted to see the slides of Dr. Gae Ho Lee’s presentation but they are save in a zip program that requires me to buy the program, which I do not want to do since zip has self-extracting versions. I also am in an area of the US that has no cable or dsl. I can only get internet through Wild Blue satilite which sucks, so facebook video don’t stream and it is illegible for me. I do hope you will give some hard-copy reports on the Natural Farming chicken farming. You have a very nice site. I’m just in the prairies of Colorado. I miss being there with you all, especially when it’s -8 F and the wind chill is -15! How am I going to make any IMO?

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